In Baptist Group of Schools we are proud to be the top most educational service provider with the highest possible standard to our pupils and students. This enables them raise their shoulder tall in this ever increasing competitive global academic world. The standard inculcated into our students and pupils enables them become independence in tackling educational challenges in examination environment with total zero tolerance to exam malpractice. This enables them demonstrate the potentials in them to achieve the highest desired levels of educational achievements.

Prospective students must take entrance examination, after which prospective and successful students and pupils will be engaged in an interview. These form part of the pre-requisite for overall assessment for admission. The admission committee uses discretion to decide who qualifies for admission into our school. However, unsuccessful applicant may apply again for retrial.

The admission is not sentimental nor tribalised but based on the prospective students’ academic performance and moral uprightness.


Admissions are open to prospective pupils and students for pre -school, primary and High schools. Transfer students shall submit along with the filled admission form:

  1. Transfer certificate (compulsory) for transfer students
  2. Results of the last two terms spent in their former school (compulsory)
  3. Attestation letter from former school for transfer students
  4. Medical fitness including blood group and genotype
  5. Birth certificate from National Population Commission New admitted students into J.S. one must be ten years of age and above. All new in-take must submit a photocopy of their birth certificate. The school, however, reserves the right not to admit students who have been convicted of gross misbehavior by other schools, who has any evidence of cultism and bad reports, who do not meet our academic requirement and other necessary requirements. An offer of provisional admission into the school, if not accepted effectively within thirty days of the offer of admission with full payment of the school fees, expires and lapses.