Baptist High School is adapted in accordance with the standard curriculum of National policy of Education.

Baptist Group of Schools make opportunity available for students to study broadest possible areas of specialties subject-wise so as to be equipped with the needed practical and academic skills.

Our curriculum prepares students for successful completion for secondary education, JAMB, ISMB, CAMBRIGE etc.

At the end of year 10 students/ pupils sit the common entrance examination in English, Mathematics and General paper, this provides students / pupils the basis for placement into High School.

At the High School, the subjects the students need to offer may include

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • Basic Science
  • Christian religious Knowledge
  • Social Studies
  • French
  • Cultural and Creative Arts
  • Home Economics
  • Yoruba
  • Computer Science
  • Agricultural Science
  • Basic Technology
  • Physical and Health Education
  • Civic Education
At the Seniors High School, subjects offered to students between year 12 and 13 who have successfully completed JSS 3 with good grades includes:


English Language
General Mathematics
One Trade with Entrepreneurship Studies
Computer Science/ICT
Civic Education
BiologyLit. In EnglishFinancial Accounting
Further Mathematics
Agric. Sci. Foods & Nut Agric. Sci. Foods & Nut Agric. Sci. Foods & Nut
Yoruba / Igbo/ Hausa/ French Yoruba / Igbo/ Hausa/ French Yoruba / Igbo/ Hausa/ French
These subjects are tailored to meet student needs presently and in future. All students buy textbooks in the school bookshop so as to ensure that resources are available for reference consultation and revision to facilitate teaching and learning activities.

Extra-curricular Activities.

At Baptist Group of Schools, serious emphasis is not only on academic but also on extra curricula activities that stimulate students to develop their innate potentials and creative skills as well as building confidence and embolden their prowess even in their social life. These activities include sports, Drama, Music, Social dance, Information Technology. Students are also encouraged to partake in social ministries such as visiting orphanages and other charitable activities.

School Trips & Tours

Student tours and excursions are always Experiential and memorials. Past location include, Obajana Cement Company, tertiary institutions, research stations financial institutions etc.


All school activities: spiritual, curricular and co-curricular are important and all students are expected to participate fully.


  1. All students must attend the school fellowship held every Friday.
  2. Students are expected to have a Bible, the school hymn (Baptist Hymnal) and bring them to school to be used during fellowship and on the assembly.
  3. Students are expected to purchase the booklet/pamphlet containing the outline of the fellowship for each term.


  1. Students are to be involved in all forms of sporting activities and to participate in the game activities and to participate in the game activities held every Thursday.
  2. Students shall be grouped into four(4) different houses namely; Red house, Green house, Yellow house and Blue house because of the sporting activities.
  3. Inter-house competition shall be organized yearly or as may be decided by the school authority.


The Clubs and Societies in the school are:
  1. Literary and Debating
  2. Press club
  3. Jets club
  4. Young Farmers club
  5. Musical club
  6. Art and Design club
  7. Anti HIV/AIDS club
    • Students are expected to belong to at least two(2) of the school clubs and societies.
    • Students are expected to attend all meetings of the clubs and societies they belong to and also to be punctual to meeting every Thursday or any other day approved for it.
    • Staff shall be attached to each of the clubs and Societies. These staff are to co-ordinate its activities.
    • The school Clubs and Societies can organize programmes such as seminars, workshops, competitions and any educative programme for students of the school to promote academic excellence.
    • Students are all expected to comply with all the rules and regulations govering the Clubs and Societies they belong.
    • The school Clubs and Societies will have official appointed as leader among students who are members.